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Better opportunities and income for drivers

Would you like to improve your work and increase your income? You can do that if you joined our driver’s network.
Tewsila is a smart distinctive application in the field of transportation in Algeria, Wahran. Tewsila enable you to receive orders on your smartphone. It shows you the passenger place and the ride price. It also shows you the easier and less crowded routes. That’s not all! The app enables you to know the passenger’s destination as well!

Tewsila Application

There is no need for waiting for long times in parks, or searching for passengers on streets! You can work and receive orders on your own schedule. You can increase your income and provide services for others at the same time.
Tewsila enables you to highly benefit from your car so you can earn more money and improve your standards of living. Our app will certainly make a good change in your life. Do not hesitate to be one of our drivers.

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  • Increase your income

    The Tewsila app allows you to increase your income significantly.

  • You can receive orders in the time you want

    As soon as a customer submits an order, you receive it immediately.

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You can make new clients

All you need is to sign up! Then you can start to have great opportunities.

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Donwload the application

You can download the application for free from the App Store or the Play Store.

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